Statement on School Walkout Planned for March 14, 2018

Because of the horrible events that occurred in Florida last month many students across the country have been discussing, through social media, ways to effect change and have their voices heard. I understand and respect students' desire to be a part of the solution and their desire to help heal the wounds of these horrific events. My understanding is that many students around the country have discussed different forms of peaceful protests and other actions to gain the attention of lawmakers. I would like to urge those at Callaway High School who wish to be a part of this movement to do so in a way which brings honor to our school and resist the temptation to participate in activities which may send the wrong message to our community.

Callaway High has always been a very safe place. Dangerous incidents at Callaway High School, such as fighting, are as low as or lower than any school in the district and we should all be very proud of that fact. Are there opportunities for improvement? Sure there are. And I would love to work as a partner with the student leadership to discuss any ideas they may have to ensure their voices are heard. It is my hope that the teachers, administration, and I have earned the trust of our students and they know that we will always listen and stand up for them.

Apparently,  a 17-minute long school walk out has been organized by CHS students for tomorrow, March 14, 2018, in order to honor the victims of the Florida school shooting and to bring attention to their desire for change. This walk out is not sanctioned by Callaway High School. However, disciplinary action will not be taken against students who participate if their protest is peaceful, orderly, and short in duration. Students who are disruptive, disrespectful, or uncooperative will be disciplined accordingly. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Jonathan Laney, Principal



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