Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers whose purpose is to support the education of Rosemont students.  The PTO is a vital function of the school, and all parents and teachers are encouraged to join.  Meetings are open to all.  Parents and teachers are urged to become active in the school’s PTO.  The officers and committee members of the Rosemont PTO are:

PTO Officers and Committee Members:   

President:                    Maggie Powell            Publicity/Records:       Jennifer Cooley                                  

Vice-President:           Lyza Jeffcoat              Open House Dinner:   Rusty & April Taylor                                                 

Secretary:                    Ki Corley                    Yearbook:                   Rebekah Ralph (Coordinator)

Treasurer:                    Kathryn Parrott                                               Anne Arrington (Yearbook & Ad Sales)                       

                                                                                                            Jennifer Pearson (Ads/ Page Design) 

Membership:               Haley Johnston                                               Jayme Ogle (Cover/Page Design)

                                    Jill White                                                         Niki Studdard (Clubs/Page Design)

                                    Aimee Vael                                                     Tabatha Horn (Coordinate Pictures)

T-Shirt Design:            Lynn Thrailkill Fall Festival:                Rachel Sprayberry (Coordinator)

T-Shirt Design:            Johnnie McCoy                                               Rachel Sprayberry (Co-Coordinator)

T-Shirt Sales:               Rachel Sprayberry                                           Anne Arrington / Terry Perry (Door Prizes / Auction Baskets)

Room Mothers:           Karrie Galyon                                                 Stacey Umfress (Food)

Book Fair:                   Caycee Pracht                                                             Ashley Tittle (Food)

Box Tops:                    Danie Halcomb           Ice Cream:                   Rusty Taylor                                      

Fall Fundraiser:           Kendra Rushing (Chair)                                 

                                    Chandra Allen (Co-Chair)     

Santa Shop:                 Rachel Sprayberry (Chair)                             

                                    Margaret Bagley (Co-Chair)                                                                          

Spring Fundraiser:      Jenique Boykin (Chair)

                                    TBA (Co-Chair)

Christmas Parade:       Maggie Powell                                                                                   

Hospitality:                 Philip McClung                                                                      

                                    Vicki McEachern       

Budget / Finance:        Rhiannon Costley                                                                                                      

Teacher Reps:              Bette Griffin  

                                    Elizabeth Ivey

                                    Johnnie McCoy


We hope your family will join our PTO!  Membership is $5.00 per family.





Rosemont School Council


The Governor’s A+ School Reform Bill requires that all schools establish school councils for the purpose of advising the principal in matters relating to student achievement and school performance. 


Ø The Council is composed of teachers, parents, business partners and the principal. 

Ø Each elected member serves a two-year term. 

Ø The Council is required to meet a minimum of four times a year. 

Ø The public is welcome to attend all meetings. 

Ø Anyone other than council members who wish to be heard at a meeting must notify the principal at least two days prior to the meeting. 

Ø All meeting agendas are posted in the school office. 

Ø  Meetings will be held in the media center at 12:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted. 


Members of the Rosemont School Council for 2017-2018 are:


Principal:                                Christina Grace                                


Business Representatives:   Opal Hogg from Exxon Mobil (Term expires 2018)

                                                Joe Little from Calumet Bank (Term expires 2019)

                                                Terry Perry from Coca-Cola Co. (Term expires 2019)


Parent Representatives:        Lyza Jeffcoat (Term expires 2018)

                                                Rachel Sprayberry (Term expires 2019)

                                                Maggie Powell (Term expires 2019)


Teacher Representatives:     Stacy Umfress (Term expires 2018)

                                                Johnnie McCoy (Term expires 2018)

                                                Natalie Strickland (Term expires 2019)