Wellness Committees

Wellness Committee

Christina Grace, Principal

Marvin Grayson, Instructional Specialist

Rachel Sprayberry, Parent

Anne Arrington, Parent

Johnnie McCoy, Teacher

Bruce Danford, Coach

Craig Myers, RES Cafeteria Manager


Develop two goals, one for students and one for staff, which promote wellness.

Goal I:

70% of Students in Grades 2 – 5 will be in the healthy fitness zone.

Action Steps:

  • Participation in the Troup County Schools curriculum based physical education course.
  • Daily recess where they will be encouraged to be physically active for at least 10 minutes.
  • Go Noodle Brain Breaks in classroom that encourage energetic brain breaks.
  • Select students will participate in the Troup County Fastest kid Competition.
  • Students in grades 3-5 will be given the opportunity to participate in the RES Spring Running Club after school beginning in February 2018.
  • Follow smart guidelines provided by TCSS Nutrition Department.
  • Progress monitoring and conferencing by Coach Danford.


Assessment data from the Fitness Gram assessment.



Goal II:

100% of staff will be given the opportunity to participate in an after school physical fitness program.

Action Steps:

  • Designate an area to post physical fitness info. The teacher workroom will be utilized to post fliers and announce area “opportunities” to get fit.
  • Eat Well Challenge – Dietary info will be shared with faculty and staff in the teacher workroom. There will be an area to swap healthy recipes to assist with engaging in a healthy lifestyle.


Participation rate of staff in wellness opportunities