West Point Elementary School Extends Laser Focus on Early Language and Literacy to Encompass Families

Watch Me Grow

In an ever-changing world, we do not know what the future career opportunities will be for our elementary children. While this is true, there is one thing we can be sure of, which is the fundamental importance of literacy and the need for students to possess the ability to read at high levels upon graduating high school. In fact, in a text Lexile measure study, it was determined that in order to effectively enter and thrive in a current day entry-level job, a person needs to read in the 1150-1350 Lexile range (www.leadered.com). These are significant findings and have huge implications for our elementary children. It is for this reason that WPE has a laser focus on literacy. We have extended this focus area to encompass parents and families to team with the school to gain effective early language and literacy strategies. This will help build a solid foundation for language and literacy development. Born out of this effort we, created learning sessions titled “Watch Me Grow.” Pre-k through first grade parents and families are being invited to participate in “Watch Me Grow” sessions where they are able to collaborate with the school. In this collaboration, the parents and families will gain more knowledge in the area of literacy, as well as be empowered to help build their child’s solid foundation of early language and literacy by learning easy, helpful strategies to use at home. 

WPE held our first “Watch Me Grow” session on Thursday, September 7, 2017. Many pre-k through first grade parents and families attended the session. One parent explained they would definitely tell their friends about the next session, because the strategies learned were so practical and easy to use. Another parent shared that they enjoyed getting to hear some literacy ideas other parents were using at home. One family, pictured along with this article, has begun implementing these learned strategies. It was a wonderful time for parents and educators to learn and grow together. The ultimate goal of “Watch Me Grow” is collaborating to empower our children by equipping them with a solid early language and literacy foundation, leading to reading and lifelong success.

WPE would like to thank all of the parents and families who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the first “Watch Me Grow” session. We encourage all parents and families of pre-k through first grade students to join us at WPE for “Watch Me Grow” sessions as we continue to learn and grow together. Will you come and learn more about having a laser focus on early language and literacy as together we work to lay this important foundation? Will you please come and dream your child’s dream with us at our next “Watch Me Grow” sessions?

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