Media Center

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Vision Statement

Troup County School System will provide educational opportunties that inspire learners to be independent, successful, and happy. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Troup County School System is to educate all students in a challenging and safe learning environment, so they will become productive citizens in a diverse and changing world.

District Goals

  1. Ensure all students achieve at their highest level of academic performance.
  2. Provide a safe, secure, and wholesome learning environment.
  3. Engage all students, staff, families, businesses, and the community in the educational process.
  4. Maximize efficiency and productivity in pursuit of the system’s mission.


The mission of the media program is to acquire, organize and provide access to information and knowledge in support of the Troup County School System mission statement and district goals.


To achieve this, we:

  • provide and maintain resources in all formats that support the curriculum
  • energetically integrate media and technology resources and services into the instructional activities of the school
  • cooperatively plan with teachers to design units of instruction and learning strategies that meet the needs of all students
  • stimulate interest in reading and using information and ideas to promote confidence and critical-thinking skills
  • encourage and provide tools for self-education outside the classroom
  • participate in programs for professional growth


The media center is the heart of the school and a vital component in the development of lifelong learners.  It should foster an inviting, stimulating, positive atmosphere to provide sound learning experiences.  The Media Specialist is responsible for creating and maintaining this atmosphere and in guiding students and faculty in becoming effective users of ideas and information.


FAQ’s about the GNMS Library

  • Our library received a total remodel during the 2017-2018 school year complete with carpet, paint, and new furniture. Therefore, students are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the library.
  • Boxtops for Education are collected in the Media Center and submitted twice a year.
  • Each fiction book and most non-fiction books are labeled with lexile levels.
  • Students may check out up to 2 books from the library per visit for 2 weeks. The due date is stamped on a card on the inside pocket of the book. Overdue books cost 10 cents per day each. A book can be renewed once for an additional 2 weeks.
  • We check the condition of each book upon check-out and check-in. If a book is damaged (torn, wet, written in, etc.) or lost while it is checked out to your student, a fine of $20 will be charged for replacement of the library binding version of the book. 
  • Fines and fees will result in the student not being able to check out a book until paid.
  • There is a “drop box” outside the Media Center door. Students may place books in the box when they are in transition from classes, to lunch, during morning time or dismissal. The box is checked multiple times a day.
  • Students receive overdue and fines notices once every two weeks via C block teachers.
  • ELA teachers will send students for check out once every two weeks but students may ask teachers if they can come to the MC between check out days.
  • Ebooks are available 24/7 even if a student has fines by using the Destiny/ Follett app and signing in using the username and password the student uses for computer login at school once Gardner Newman Middle School is chosen from the drop down menu. 
  • This year we have arranged our books by categories, sort of like a bookstore. We have Anime'/Manga, Funny books, Mystery/Horror, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Relationships and Sports. We have a new circulation system that offers ebooks on the Destiny/ Follett app. The student should choose Gardner Newman from the drop down menu and sign in using the same sign in information he or she uses to log in to the computer at school. Now a student has access to books 24/7 even if they owe fines or fees.
  • The ELA teachers assign project based learning units surrounding books that students will check out. We are going to be helping students locate books based on interests and Lexile levels.  

Lexile Information

Your student's Lexile score will be included as part of their Georgia Milestone Assessment English Language Arts information.  To learning more about Lexile scores and what they mean, click here.  If you are interested in finding books that are in your student's Lexile range click here.  


If you ever have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Librarian, Michelle Taylor (