Field Day Information 4/28/17

Participation Eligibility-Students must earn the privilege of Field Day participation by having NO referrals resulting in ISS, OSS, or bus suspensions in the 4th Nine Weeks; as well as having all fines paid in full. Students who do not earn this privilege will NOT be allowed to participate in Field Day & will have an alternative assignment for the duration of the day.


Dress Code-The last day to purchase field day shirts is Friday, 4/28) No refunds will be given. NO alterations may be made to the shirt (cutting, etc.). Boys may wear gym shorts. Girls are allowed to wear athletic shorts, but they must meet the finger-tip length requirement or compression shorts meeting the length requirement must be worn underneath. Girls are NOT allowed to wear yoga pants/capris unless they wear shorts over them meeting the length requirement or a shirt that is fingertip length. Hats may be worn. Students should wear athletic shoes-no sandals or flip flops.


Concessions- Snacks, drinks, etc. will be available for purchase on Field Day.


Visiting- Parents are always welcome at our school functions. For safety purposes, parents must check in at the front office. In addition, we ask that parents sit in our parent section in the gym, cafeteria & on the field. Parents are not allowed to go down to the classroom during the breaks. Parents must let the teacher know prior to checking out a student and must follow the regular check out protocol in the front office. 

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