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Our Mission
The mission of Troup County School System’s Exceptional Education Department is to assure compliance with local and state mandates, use collaborative decision making to remediate learning in the regular education setting, provide individualized services and support to students with disabilities and to provide services to students who are gifted. These services focus on enhancing student achievement and provide opportunities for students to reach their greatest potential. 


Description of Student Support Team/Response to Intervention

The Student Support (SST)/Response to Intervention (RTI) Team is a problem-solving process in every Georgia school. Its purpose is to collaborate to find solutions for any student in the process. Each school has a RTI team that meets on a regular basis to discuss student performance and needs. 

The Troup County Pyramid of Interventions


Description of 504

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 the Exceptional Eduation Department will assist in identifying and evaluating a student's need for educational accommodation. If the student is determined eligible for the accommodation he/she will be afforded access to appropriate educational accommodations. 


Description of Special Education Services

In compliance with the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA 2004); the Exceptional Education Department provides special education and related services to students with disabilities. These services focus on enhancing student achievement and post-secondary outcomes through implementation of regional and statewide activities for students, families, educators, administrators, and other stakeholders. Targeted areas for services and supports include accessible instructional materials, assistive technology, curriculum access and alignment, dropout prevention, family engagement, least restrictive environment, positive behavior supports, and transition.


Letter to Parents - School Choice

Special Education Performance Goals



Special Education Eligibility Categories


Specially Designed Instruction

The Continuum of Services

Information for Parents

Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership

Parent Training and Information Center

Parent Rights


Transportation for Students with Disabilities    
Special transportation is provided to students whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) addresses the need for transporting the student to and from school either on the general education school bus with special modifications or a special school bus with modifications.  An IEP committee may determine that the student requires special transportation as a related service and modifications necessary to transport the student.  Modifications may include but are not limited to; power lifts, wheelchair fasteners, special seat belts; harnesses, car seat, bus monitor, and special seating.

If you have any questions about special transportation please contact your student’s teacher or one of the coordinators at the Exceptional Education Center (EEC).


Description of Gifted Education

TCSS provides gifted education services to students who demonstrate a high degree of intellectual, academic, and/or creative abilities, exhibit an exceptionally high degree of motivation, and/or excel in specific academic fields, and who need specialized instruction and/or ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities. TCSS follows non-discriminatory procedures with respect to race, religion, national origin, gender, disabilities and/or socio-economic background in the referral, identification, evaluation, placement, and services of gifted students.

Gifted Education Services Manual


Exceptional Education Services Staff

Kitty Crawford



Dr. LaTanya Washington - Coordinator of Instructional Programs, Middle/High Schools

Tamikia Brown - Coordinator of Instructional Programs, Middle/High Schools

Sheila Spinks - Coordinator of Instructional Programs, Elementary Schools

Jessica Morman - Coordinator of Instructional Programs, Elementary Schools

Specialty Staff  
Parent Mentor - Jodi Mazzolini       
Preschool Special Education Teacher – Maria Solomon  
RTI Facilitators - Angelique Woodyard, Kimberly Ray, Dr. Jay Ellis
SSIP Coach - Vanessa Roberts

Exceptional Education Center (EEC) Support Staff     
Kellie Jeffries
Danna Perdue
Jamie Haines
Judy Yawn