Health Services



The Health Services department consists of 10 part-time Nurses and a Health Services Coordinator who oversee the health and wellness of students and staff during school hours, including hands-on nursing care for acute and chronic student illnesses. They develop plans of care for students with chronic health care needs, provide health care education and implement student health screenings such as vision/hearing and scoliosis. In addition, the health services staff trains school system employees in CPR, AED/Code Valentine, and First Aid.


Troup County Schools - 2016-2017 School Nurse of the Year

Norna Fannin

The HOPE Academy & Callaway High School

  • Norma Fannin Nurse of the Year 2016/2017





Troup County School System 

Health Services Department



  • TCSS Health Services Department and Clinic Staff cared for a total of 12,776 students during the 15/16 school year.
  • School Nurses and Clinic Staff distributed 30,394 medications during the school year.
  • 1681 Middle School Students were screened for Scoliosis.
  • 163 School Staff Members were trained in CPR/AED Awareness and First Aid.





The Troup County School System Health Services mission is to provide a holistic approach to the heathcare of students. School health service personnel strive to enhance the education of students by helping remove any health related barriers to learning. In addition, Health Services promotes prevention and student and staff wellness.


Christy Mason, RN

Health Services Coordinator


Bernice Strozier

LaGrange High School & Callaway Middle School


Ouida Payne, LPN

Franklin Forest Elementary School



Amy Crites, RN

Berta Weathersbee Elementary & Gardner Newman Middle School


Kay Dunaway, RN

West Point Elementary & Whitesville Road Elementary School


Norma Fannin Nurse of the Year 2016/2017

Norma Fannin, LPN

Callaway High School & The HOPE Academy

Pennie Hill, RN

Ethel Kight Elementary & Hillcrest Elementary School


Debbie Phelps, RN

Long Cane Elementary & Long Cane Middle School


Tracey Stribling, RN

Rosemont Elementary & Troup High School


Cindi Walston, RN

Hogansville Elementary & Hollis Hand Elementary School


Alexia West, LPN

Callaway Elementary School