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AP Studio Art course is a college-level art course. Students are required to submit a portfolio of artwork at the end of the school year for evaluation by the college board. 

Students must include the following in their portfolio:

5 - Quality works: comprised of the student's 5 best works of art that demonstate their highest level of skill. 

12 - Concentration photographs of work: Work is completed based on a single idea or theme. Student's should show an exploration of the topic and show growth. 

12 - Breadth photographs of work: Breadth work should merely be a body of work that shows growth with materials and skills. Breadth work should show your understanding of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. (Line, Value, Shape, Form, Texture, Space, Contrast, Rythm, Balance, Proportion, Repetition, ect.)

Students are required to work 1 hour of studio time a week after school.


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