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Fall Syllabus

GSE Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry A

                    Teacher:  Lee Phelps           Room:  A208


Course Description:  Welcome to GSE Accelerated Algebra I /Geometry A.  I am excited to undertake this new journey with you.  This course is designed to expand upon the mathematics you learned in middle school.  The critical areas of this course seek to deepen your understanding of functions by comparing and contrasting linear, quadratic, and exponential functions and of transformations, similarity, and congruence as well as right triangle trigonometry.  In this class you are expected to make connections, think critically, and hone your deductive reasoning skills.  You will be active in the problem solving process - at times individually and at times collaboratively.  The foundation you build this year in mathematics is a critical component for your future math courses. 


Philosophy:  The Mathematics Department of LaGrange High School believes that all students can be successful in mathematics.  We strive to meet the needs of all students and prepare them to reach their future goals.  Mrs. Germano and I work collaboratively to plan and tutor our students.  If I am unavailable and you have questions his room, A208, is directly across the hall from mine and his contact email is germanopl@troup.org.



  1. Three-ring notebook
  2. Notebook paper
  3. Pencil, pen, highlighter
  4. Calculator - a classroom set of calculators will be available for use; however, the calculators may not be taken home.  Therefore purchasing a TI-84 plus graphing calculator for use at home will be extremely beneficial.  STUDENTS WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE/LOSS OF CALCULATORS ASSIGNED FOR THEIR USE DURING CLASS.  Students should notify the teacher IMMEDIATELY if their assigned calculator is damaged or missing. 


Expectations of Students:

  1. “Be Prepared”, “Be Respectful”, and “Be Responsible”
  2. Arrange tutoring opportunities as needed with the teacher.
  3. Follow all school policies and procedures as specified in the LHS student handbook.  This includes the tardy policy which will be strictly enforced. 
  4. Remember NO food, candy or drinks (except bottled water) are allowed in the classroom.
  5. Use cell phones/electronic devices only as directed to supplement learning in class.  When not being used for instruction, devices should be in silent mode and put away.  During assessments students will be asked to surrender their electronic device as is done during standardized testing. 
  6. Use the restroom, drink water, and get materials from locker during class change.  You are expected to remain in the classroom for the entire period. 


Communication:  Students and parents can stay informed about the class through

  1. Remind (formerly Remind 101) text messages by texting @coachphel to 81010
  2. Email phelpscl@troup.org.



Make-Up Work:  There is a high correlation between success in mathematics and good attendance.  If you are present for all classwork and assignments but are absent the day of a scheduled test or quiz, you are expected to take the test or quiz the day you return to school.  Homework assigned before an absence is due the day you return to school.  If any assignments were scheduled and turned in during your absence, you will have the same amount of time given as the rest of the class to complete your make-up assignments.  Per Troup County policy students have a maximum of five days after their return to school to make-up work.


LaGrange High School Grading Policy

The LaGrange High Grading Policy includes the following guidelines for high school courses:

     Minimum Grades: Teachers will not enter in gradebook a grade less than 40 for any work attempted.  Students will receive a “0” for work not attempted. This includes but is not limited to: not turning in the assignment, not filling in any answer blank, filling in answer blanks with answers not related to the topic, marking an answer document in a pattern or with all one answer, answering less than half of a test, etc. Work submitted where a student has either cheated or plagiarized will receive a 0.

Grade Calculation: Final grades are calculated as the sum of 80% of the average of the two semesters and 20% of the grade earned on the EOC.  

The semester grade consists of three types of learning tasks and will be determined as follows:

  1. Summative Assessments - 70% (may include:  unit tests, mid unit tests, benchmarks, major projects, essays, performance tasks, etc.)
  2. Formative Assessments - 20% (may include:  homework, quizzes, minor projects, minor writing assignments, vocabulary quizzes, etc.)
  3. Soft Skills - 10% (may include:  homework, classwork, participation, work habits etc.) 

Students are required to take a final exam at the end of the course.  The final exam score will be used to replace one Major Assessment grade in the second semester of high school. This replacement score will replace the grade where it will have the most positive impact. If the grade fails to positively impact the student’s average, then the replacement grade will not be used.  (Please note:  ONLY seniors may exempt final exams.)



**Please check Infinite Campus on a regular basis for grade updates.

**Please contact me as soon as possible if there is any question regarding your class average. 

**Please do not wait until the last minute to become concerned about your average.