Course Syllabus


Troup County Comprehensive High School







Ninth Grade Literature is a comprehensive survey course that allows students to work with a variety of literary genres.  Students will read, analyze, and explain the following: fictional literary passages such as short stories, poetry, dramas, and epics and mythology, nonfictional passages such as biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, and speeches, information passages such as essays, historical documents, and media articles such as web pages, newspapers, editorials, and other technical documents.  Students will be required to write informational, argumentative, and narrative paragraphs, letters, and essays.  Instruction in this course will prepare students for the Georgia Milestone; the EOC Milestone is a comprehensive exam that will cover material taught from August to May.


Teachers will use the Georgia Standards of Excellence to create lesson plans this year.  The 9-12 Standards are organized in the following Domains and Strands: “Reading for Literature”, “Reading for Information”, “Writing”, and “Speaking and Listening.”  Students will be asked to not only read passages but also examine them closely to analyze for deeper meaning, purpose, and literary techniques.  A comprehensive list of the standards can be found at the Georgia Standards website:


Mrs. Amber McWhorter   Email:   School: 706.812.7957 x 8728

Teacher Website:

To receive Remind101 Text reminders and updates, text @maclit to 81010

  • Teacher will offer tutoring sessions throughout the school year. A tutoring schedule will be given to the student and posted on the teacher webpage.
  • Teachers are available by appointment before and after school.  Please feel free to contact your teacher to make appointments to discuss grades, behavior, or progress in the course.  Teachers offer tutoring sessions as well.  
  • Please allow for 24 hours for teacher to return phone calls and/or respond to emails. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  Teacher may not have access to return calls/emails over the weekend or during school holidays.



Students are expected to follow all school rules and policies while in the classroom.  Students are expected to acknowledge and adhere to the 3R’s of Troup High School: Ready, Responsible, and Respectful.

  • Classroom Expectations are as follows:

Listen to Instructions.

Enter and Exit the Classroom Prepared.

Always do your best.

Respect yourself and others.

No Excuses.

  • Students will be required to bring the following to class everyday: academic notebook, textbook/novels, blue or black ink pen or pencil, and loose-leaf/spiral-bound paper.


  • All handouts, tests, journals, and class notes should be kept in a notebook. Students are responsible for organizing and maintaining the contents of their notebook throughout the year.


Please read and review all classroom rules, routines, and expectations. 

  • If You Are Late
    • You are late to class if you are not inside the classroom when the bell rings.  If you are late to class, you must:
      • Have a Tardy Pass from the office
      • Walk in quietly making as little noise as possible.
      • Give your pass to your teacher.
      • Take your assigned seat.
      • Join the activity in progress.
    • Consequences for Tardiness and Bell schedules can be found in the student handbook.


  • Turning in Assignments
    • The teacher will collect homework, group-work, or individual work.  You will turn these in only when the teacher asks for them.  Make sure the assignment has your full name, period number, and date. This should be on the top margin of your paper. Each assignment should also contain a title. Each class will have a designated area for submitting work.  Work should not be placed on a table or on the teacher’s desk at random.
    • If you are absent on the day that an assignment or test is due then you should be prepared to submit the assignment on the day that you return.
    • Late work will be reduced by 10 points per day that it is late. 


  • If You Are Absent
    • It is your responsibility to make-up any assignments or tests in a timely manner when you return from an absence.  Follow this procedure:
      • Retrieve assignment sheet from Absentee Folder
      • If you need to make-up a test, you must be prepared to take the test on the day that you return. Teachers may ask that you make an appointment to schedule a time to take the test.
    • Students who are absent, regardless of reason, may schedule to make up any work missed within five days of their return to school.   This includes Out of School Suspensions. (Refer to Board Policy IHA)  
    • Students will be expected to complete ISS work while serving the ISS. The teacher will provide the work to the ISS supervisor. 


All teachers will adhere to the following grade weights:

  • Class I - 40% (unit tests, mid unit tests, benchmarks, major projects, essays, performance tasks, etc.)
  • Class II - 30% (quizzes, minor projects, minor writing assignments, vocabulary quizzes, etc.)
  • Class III - 10% (homework, classwork, participation, signed papers, etc.)
  • Final Exam/ EOCT- 20%   

Please see the student handbook for further information regarding the grading and testing policies.

*Students found plagiarizing or cheating will earn a grade of zero on the assignment, and will not be allowed to makeup the assessment.  Students are expected to use the calendar given to them to keep track of assignments and due dates in their folders. 

At the end of each semester, teachers within their building will administer a common performance assessment (replacement test/project) over all standards that have been taught during that time as a replacement grade. The replacement test score will replace one Class I or Class II grade in the position where it will have the most positive impact. If the grade fails to positively impact the student’s average, then the replacement grade will not be used.

Student Learning Objective (SLO) post-tests, final exams, replacement tests, benchmark tests and End-of-Course-Tests (EOCT) (unless directed by the State) may not be retaken or replaced in any way.

 The grading scale is as follows:

  • 90 -100  = A
  • 80 -  89  = B
  • 70 -  79  = C
  • Below 70 = F

Homework: Students will be assigned homework to complete outside of class including reading, writing, or project assignments.  It is important that homework assignments be completed in order to ensure that students are prepared to participate in class.


CLASS CHANGES: Students and parents should be aware: Due to SLO testing, the last day to drop/add a class for the fall semester will be August 13, 2015.


  • Textbooks for this class will be one of several resources we will use throughout the year. Students will be issued a textbook to use in class as well as at home. 
  • Students may wish to purchase personal copies of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Romeo and Juliet in order to annotate and write in the novels. Teacher will issue novels to students who do not have a personal copy, but students will not be allowed to write in the books.
  • Students will be expected to complete the assigned reading selections both in and out of class. 

*Students who are issued textbooks and novels are responsible for returning those items undamaged. Damaged or lost textbooks/novels may result in a fine. **


  • 2” Three Ring Binder
  • Loose leaf college ruled notebook paper
  • Tab Dividers labeled for each section
  • Number 2 pencils & erasers
  • Black or Blue ink pens
  • Highlighters
  • Post it notes in various colors for annotation (Students may choose not to purchase post-it notes. They will be expected to take detailed notes of their reading in a reading journal if they do not annotate their reading selections.)               


*Students will occasionally need markers, poster board, etc. for projects.