Permission to Stay for Math Tutoring

Tuesday, 3/24/15


__________________ has my permission to stay for tutoring on Tuesday, 3/24/15. I understand that student must be

(student’s name printed)


 picked up in the front of the school at 5:15 pm


The person picking up _____________________ is _________________________

                                    (student’s name printed)         ( printed name of person picking up student)

and can be reached at ____________________________.

                                      (telephone number of person picking up child)


Tutoring is an opportunity for students to receive additional assistance in mastering content.  Please understand that positive behavior is expected during tutoring.  If the student doesn’t demonstrate positive behavior, then the student will lose the privilege of staying for tutoring in the future.


Please sign below and return to me on Tuesday, 3/24/15 if student will be staying for tutoring.

Thank you,

Ms. Adamson

________________________       _______________________   ___________

    Parent/Guardian Signature               Printed Name                               Date


****Student may bring a snack and $0.75 to purchase a soda.  We usually eat a snack before we begin studying/review at 4:00 pm.