Best StudyTips as Determined by Science

1.  Study in small chunks. It is better to study several times for short periods than to study in one long cram session. I suggest you study a little every day.

2.  Pick a specific time to study. Don’t wait until you have time to study but plan ahead and schedule a specific regular time when you are rested and can best focus. Picking a specific time to study creates a routine which primes your brain.

3.  Use flash cards. Rather than just read all your notes, pick out the most important information and make flash cards to focus on the “big ideas” and important specifics.

4.  Make specific study goals. Decide going into your study session what exactly you want to learn before you are done.

5.  Understand something well enough to teach it. If you are required to teach someone else you develop a deeper understanding rather than just becoming familiar with the topic. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

6.  Use practice tests. Practice tests give you a good idea what you know and what you need to learn.

7.  Pick a specific place to study. Pick somewhere you are comfortable and have everything you need to study.

8.  Don’t listen to music. You test best in the same environment in which you study. With the exception of some classical music, research has shown that music with words uses the language part of your brain and takes the focus away from what you are trying to learn.

9.  Put away your cell phone. Constant distractions from text messages and notices take your focus away from what you are trying to learn and prevents you from concentrating.