Clubs & Activities


Extracurricular Activities are essential to the making of a well rounded student. Constructive activities outside the classroom help prepare and qualify students for a successful college and work life. Here at Callaway High School we believe every student has a passion, a talent or a skill that can serve and bring honor to themselves and our Callaway family.


Included in this “activities” category is a complete clubs and teams listing. If you do not see an organization that features or promotes your interests or talents talk to Dr. Greer about creating a new Callaway club. We encourage every student to have at least one extra club or organization in which they participate. The “Plus One” initiative was created with the belief every student can benefit from being a part of at least one organization here at CHS. We love Callaway and need students to make our traditions, sports and community stronger.


Be a part of the action! Don’t wait! Go see one of the sponsors or coaches listed and begin having fun and making a difference today!


Club Sponsor
16 Ways J. Williams
Art N. Jones
Chess J. Craig
DECA K. Hollis
Drama D. High
Environmental C. Williams
FCA W. Bates & S. Morgan
FFA A. Wheelus
Green Power B. Prather & D. Thomaston
History H. Brooks
Key M. Petite
Literary C. Burger
Music A. Wamsley
NHS C. Herdener
SkillsUSA/Construction D. Byers
Skills USA/Graphics S. Holcomb
SkillsUSA/Audio Visual A. Alaba
Student Council C. Snyder
Travel H. Brooks
Photography D. High