Last Updated: 9/3/2020 7:13 PM

Athletic Administration

Pete Wiggins, Athletic Director

Eric Woods, Assistant Athletic Director

Mike Petite, Assistant Athletic Director

Sheila Allen, Athletic Secretary

Athletic Trainer

Brooke Jackson


Dusty Hubbard, Head Coach

Lee Phelps, Assistant Coach

Jonathan Hopper, Assistant Coach

Brad Miller, Assistant Coach

Tim Freeman, Assistant Coach

Terry Hayes, Assistant Coach

Joe Cameron, Assistant Coach

Bass Fishing

Glenn Goodson

Boys Basketball

Andre Johnson, Head Coach

Tray Tucker, JV Coach/Assistant Coach

Kenny Coleman, Assistant Coach

Girls Basketball

Deyano Martin, Head Coach

Sam Cotton, Assistant Coach


Maria Hudson, Football Cheer

Caitlin Snyder, Asst. Football Cheer

Samantha Cotton, Basketball Cheer

Brittany Bray, Asst. Basketball Cheer

Cross Country

Shonna Yawn, Head Coach

Hunter Lee, Assistant Coach


Pete Wiggins, Head Coach

Zach Giddens, Offensive Coordinator

Dusty Hubbard, Defensive Coordinator

Deyano Martin, Linebackers

Dialleo Burks, Receivers

Jamal Bruce, Defensive Line

Bruce Danford, Secondary

Robbie Adams, Offensive Line

Jacob Brannon, Tight Ends

Andre Johnson, Running Backs

Joe Cameron, Receivers

Brad Miller, JV and Linebackers

Will Bates, JV and Special Teams

Brian Harr, Kickers and Punters

Tray Tucker, Equipment


Will Bates, Head Coach

Boys Soccer

MIke Petite, Head Coach

Jerald Craig, Assistant Coach

Hunter Lee, JV Coach

Girls Soccer

Shonna Yawn, Head Coach

Jeff McGuffin, Assistant Coach

Casey Pruett, JV Coach


Robyn McCann, Head Coach

Jacob Rice, Assistant Coach

Katelyn Johnson Assistant Coach


Satomi Morgan, Head Coach

Tennis (Boys and Girls)

Jacob Brannen, Head Coach

Drew Cantrell, Assistant Coach

Track and Field (Boys and Girls)

Andre Johnson, Head Coach

Tray Tucker, Assistant Coach


Leigh Bailey, Head Coach

Lauren Pannell, Assistant Coach

Andrea Hutchins, Assistant Coach


Zach Cummings, Head Coach

Robbie Adams, Assistant Coach