Welcome to HES!!


Hello Hogansville Family!!  

Welcome to a new school year at Hogansville Elementary School.  This new year brings changes and challenges for all of us - teachers, parents, and students.  But knowing our school community, I am certain we are up for those challenges and will do whatever it takes to continue on our path to academic excellence.  We have spent these last months preparing for whatever challenges we might face.  We have plans for students returning to face to face instruction and students who have chosen to do virtual learning.  We are ready!

I want to assure you that we will take every safety precaution to make sure that your children are safe here at school.  Hand sanitizing stations will be up at entryways, schedules have been specifically designed for low traffic in hallways,  recess will be closely monitored, breakfast and lunch will be served in the classroom, classrooms will be sanitized throughout the day, students will have their own supplies, including technology, to make sure items are not being shared.  The administrative team at HES has worked many hours developing procedures for any scenario to make sure we are prepared to keep your children safe.  These safety measures are included in this handbook with more specific details.

Our mission continues to be to ensure high levels of learning for all students.  Our vision and mission statements remain the same.  To say we were disappointed in the way last year ended would be such an understatement.  We knew our third - fifth grade students were going to do extremely well on the state mandated test because we were watching their academic growth throughout the year.  Our PreK - 2nd grade students were making huge gains in reading and math..  Students who were academically struggling were receiving targeted assistance and the results were impressive.  But we are not going to focus on last year and the circumstances that ended the school year.  Instead, we are going to stay focused on academics and get back to the business of school.  We recognize the fact that for students their social/emotional needs are important and we have designed a schedule so that as an HES family we are able to provide the support and care that your child needs.  

I just want to end by saying how proud I am to lead this school.  Our progress has been remarkable and that is because of a dedicated set of faculty and staff, strong support from families, and a community that is actively involved in our school.  Every adult in this building works hard to make sure your child has what they need to be successful.  Hogansville Elementary is becoming a school that is being recognized for the innovative ways we meet the needs of all of our students.  We will continue to grow and make progress - no matter what circumstances may come our way.  We have decided our theme this year is “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop #Hogansvillestrong”.  Our theme supports the commitment we have to not let anything stop us from helping our students become the best version of themselves.  We are a community of adults and children who strive for the best.  Working together as a team makes us unstoppable.   



Gina Turner, Principal

Hanna Beall, Instructional Specialist

Ann Crowder, Behavior Interventionist