The mission of the LaGrange High School Mathematics Department is to provide an education in mathematics that helps students be successful members of an ever-changing society. This will be accomplished through their commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, a focused mathematical curriculum, and a positive and supportive classroom environment for all students.

To support this mission the department will be committed to professional development, continual refinement of the mathematical curriculum, helping students make real-world connections, and appropriate use of technology. The LHS mathematics department will employ an assortment of assessment techniques both formative and summative, provide a variety of teaching styles to address the different learning styles of the students, and maintain an intervention plan for students who are having difficulty.

Students will be challenged to develop skills in analysis, problem-solving, reasoning, creativity, and collaboration as they gain knowledge of mathematics. The math department will maintain high academic and behavioral expectations, make every classroom minute count, and make efforts to drive students to realize their full potential.


Isaac Dixon


Patricia Germano


Jayne Lewis


Kenny Moore


Lee Phelps


Leah Selbie


Lisa Skinner


Lindsey Trinrud


Solomon Whitfield


Chase Wilson