Jami Briggs - Advisor

Press Release 1/22/15

Troup County High School DECA participated at the Regional Competition on January 22, at Columbus State University.  Students had to take a 100-question test in a specific marketing area and had to complete a role play in front of a judge from that specific industry.


Troup County High School had 23 participants whom were led by Ms. Jami Briggs:

  1. Seth Adams
  2. Samuel Albertson
  3. Tyler Bunn
  4. McKenzie Cato
  5. Kaitlin Eaton
  6. Bo Halcomb
  7. Max Halcomb
  8. Dillon Liechty
  9. Monique Longoria
  10. Mona Lopez
  11. Emmie Marcellini
  12. Haley Noles
  13. Slone Raper
  14. Winston Turner
  15. Payton Upchurch
  16. Sarah Vowell
  17. Hanna Westcott
  18. Skylar Wheatley
  19. Jacey Wheeler
  20. Colton Whitley
  21. Grant Whitley
  22. Emily Young
  23. Michael Young


3rd place winners and their categories were:

  • Dillon Liechty – Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Emmie Marcellini – Apparel and Accessories Marketing
  • Winston Turner – Business Services Marketing


2nd place winners and their categories were:

  • Bo Halcomb – Food Marketing
  • Monique Longoria – Human Resources Management
  • Haley Noles – Quick Service Restaurant Management
  • Slone Raper – Principles of Finance
  • Jacey Wheeler – Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

Overall, Troup DECA took 4th  place at regions!!!


Troup DECA will have fourteen plus members traveling to Atlanta to compete at the State Career Development Conference on February 26-28 and hopefully then on to the International Competition in Orlando.


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