About Us

Last Updated: 8/19/2021 4:58 PM


Gardner Newman Middle School

101 South Shannon Drive

LaGrange, GA 30240

Phone    706-883-1535

Fax    706-883-1562



Principal: Dr. Kelley Adams  adamskm@troup.org

6th Grade Administrator and Registrar: Thomas Moat   moattm@troup.org

7th Grade Administrator:  Heather Brooks   brookshd@troup.org

8th Grade Administrator:   Dr. Theodore Travis   travista@troup.org


Arrival and Dismissal Times

Doors will open at 7:30 AM.

The tardy bell will ring at 8:15.

Dismissal for car riders is 3:20 PM with bus riders to follow.

Dress Code & Student Handbook

GNMS Student Handbook


●Any attire that disrupts the learning environment, as deemed disruptive by the school administration, is not allowed.

●Fingertip Rule:  Dresses, skirts, shorts and holes-in-clothes must be below the fingertips when arms and hands are extended 

down.  If holes are above the fingertips, they should be patched or leggings should be worn to cover exposed skin.  Leggings, biker shorts, and jeggings may be worn if underneath dresses or skirts, if the dress or skirt is to the fingertip.

● Pants must be worn at the waist.  “Busting slack” is not allowed.  This rule applies even if other garments are worn underneath the visible holes. No holes in pants (above the fingertips).

● Blouses/tops on girls should fall below the waist.  TEST - When both arms are fully raised above the head, no skin at the waist shows.  No strap tops, midriffs, or low-neck tops are allowed

● No clothing promoting tobacco, alcohol, violence, drugs, promiscuity, or gangs is allowed.  Obscene words or pictures, violence, or obscene language may not be worn on any clothing.

● No sunglasses unless prescribed for wearing inside are allowed.

● No hats, hoods, do-rags, headbands, sweat bands, combs, curlers, scarves, ear warmers, or wave caps can be worn in school.

● Headbands with no logos are permitted.  Headbands should be no more than 3 fingers wide.

● Undergarments should never be visible.

● No bandanas will be permitted, including masks.

● Personal grooming (brushing/combing hair, applying makeup, etc…) should only take place in the restroom. 

● No dog collar type accessories allowed.

● No chains (except necklaces).

● Facemasks - Buffs, Shields and Gators are acceptable; no bandanas and branded logos.