Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Last Updated: 6/27/2018 3:57 PM


Vision Statement

Troup County School System will provide educational opportunities that inspire learners to be independent, successful, and happy. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Troup County School System is to educate all students in a challenging and safe learning environment, so they will become productive citizens in a diverse and changing world.

District Goals

  1. Ensure all students achieve at their highest level of academic performance.

  2. Provide a safe, secure, and wholesome learning environment.mando

  3. Engage all students, staff, families, businesses, and the community in the educational process.

  4. Maximize efficiency and productivity in pursuit of the system’s mission.


We believe that:

  1. Students are the primary focus of all decisions.

  2. Each student is a valued individual with unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs.

  3. Students have a shared responsibility for their own learning.

  4. Clear and high expectations contribute to success.

  5. All students can learn when provided with a rigorous curriculum and when supported academically, socially, and emotionally.
  6. All students must be prepared to function effectively in a knowledge-based, technologically rich, and culturally diverse world.
  7. Effective and engaging instruction provides the knowledge and skills to meet global challenges and opportunities.

  8. Students who are lifelong learners are prepared to meet future challenges.Beliefs

  9. Students, staff, parents, and the community share the responsibility for the support of the TCSS mission.  

  10. Students benefit from strong family, school, and community partnerships.

  11. Effective communication between home and school is essential.

  12. The TCSS should be guided by long-range plans designed to meet the vision, mission, and goals of the district.