School Social Workers

What We Do, Who We Are


School Social Workers are the link between home, school, and community. School Social Workers promote and support student academic and social success by providing specialized services that include:

Individual and group counseling

Parent education and training

Support groups

Professional case management

Crisis prevention and intervention

Resource connection

Advocacy for students, parents and the school system

Collaboration with community agencies and other

pupil services





School Social Workers Help Students:

Increase academic success

Improve interpersonal relationships

Cope with crisis situations

Develop self-discipline

Develop problem-solving skills

Resolve conflicts without violence

Improve attendance

Build self-esteem

Remain in school and graduate

Develop and refine social skills

Cope with stress






School Social Workers support parents and families to:



Participate more fully in their children's education


Identify and meet their children's social and emotional needs

Use school and community resources more effectively   


Contact Us: 

Maggie Brown

LaGrange High School

Gardner Newman Middle School

The Hope Academy


Phone: 706-883-1590 ext. 1357

JoAnn Simpson

Troup High School

Long Cane Middle School

The Hope Academy             


Phone: 706-812-7957 ext. 4758

Tara Truitt

Callaway High School

Callaway Middle School

The Hope Academy


Phone: 706-845-2070 ext. 5612

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  • Please watch this Ted Talk from Nadine Burke-Harris, the California Surgeon General on how Childhood Trauma and Toxic Stress impact so many children and how it's effects can last a lifetime without intervention.