Maintenance & Light Repair 2  

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Course Description:
Students will learn the basic skills needed to gain employment as a maintenance and light repair technician and will expose students to automotive preventative maintenance and servicing, as well as replacing brakes, and steering and suspension components. Students will also learn general electrical system diagnosis, electrical theory, basic test requirements, and determining necessary action. In addition, students will learn how to evacuate and recharge air-conditioning systems using the proper refrigerant. Standards for this course are aligned with ASE/NATEF standards and are an excellent foundation for the entry-level technician. The prerequisite for this course is Basic Maintenance and Light Repair.
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    If the following are not performed the assignments will not be accepted. Assignments are to be completed with name on front of paper and date completed. If turned in after due date there will be a penalty of 5 points off of final grade per day. After 10 school days assignment cannot be made up and a zero will given in grade book. If absent on day of assignment, see Instructor for missed work when returning to school and the make up due date will be assigned at that time. If student was in ISS during assignment see Instructor when returning to get missed work and the make up due date will be assigned at that time. Make up work must be turned into teacher.

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