Science Unit 3: Force & Motion

Under “Online Games and Puzzles”, play the “Vocabulary games – Types of Forces”

Under “Play Quiz Games”, take all three quizzes.

Under “Videos”, watch each of the following:

•             Newton’s Laws of Motion illustrated with 3D Animations (4:30)

•             Demonstrations of Newton’s First Law of Motion (2:40)

•             Demonstrations of Newton’s Second Law of Motion (3:10)

•             Demonstrations of Newton’s Third Law of Motion (2:50)

•             What is friction? (7:00)

•             Video On Inertia (4:50)

•             Video On Acceleration part ½ (4:50)


Simple Machines -

Simple Machines-

Rube Goldberg antics for Tom the Cat to catch Jerry the Mouse-

May the Force be with you -

Gravity Force Lab -

Study Jams: Gravity & Inertia -

Law of Gravity Song -

Study Jams: Newton’s Second Law -

Myth Busters: Penny Drop -