Science Unit 1: Organization of Living Things


Organization of Living Thing: Cells

Introduction video to cells-

The Cell Song-

Parts of Cell Rap -

Cells From Other Cells -

Cell Size & Scale-

Cell Inspector -

Inside a Cell -

Brain Pop – Cell Structure Video-

Cell Analogies (The Hunger Games)-

Cell Organelle Analogy (watch first 3 mins) -

School Project: Cell City-

Cell Analogy Project -

Cell Analogy: Amusement Park -

How your cell phone is like a plant cell-


Cell Explorer -

Brain Pop: Photosynthesis & Respiration-

Cellular Respiration-

How Molecules Move Across the Cell Membrane-

Diffusion Simulation-

How Diffusion Works-

Diffusion & Osmosis Activity-


Diffusion, Osmosis & Active Transport-


Meiosis (watch first 3 minutes)-

How Cells Divide-

Cell Cycle Game-

Body Systems

Study Jams: Nervous System-

Muscles Video -

Study Jams: Circulatory System-

Oxygen Transport from Lungs to Cells-

Human Circulatory System-

Respiratory System-

Digestive System-

Immune System -

The Immune System Explained-

Endocrine System-

Human Body System Rap-