Unit 5 Math One-Step Equations and Inequalities

Unit 5 Study Guide

Parts of An Expression Notes

Combine Like Terms Notes

Distributive Property Notes

Solving One Step Equation Notes (Multiply & Divide)

Solving One Step Equations with Decimal & Fractions Notes

Writing Inequalities PowerPoint

Solving Inequalities Notes


Translating Words into Equations 
Turning an equation into words. 
Virtual Nerd video tutorial
How Do You Write an Equation from a Problem? 
Virtual Nerd
Solve problems involving two variables 
Virtual Nerd - Solving a Problem Using Direct Variation 
Direct Variation 
Direct Variation 
Solving One-Step Equations 
Lesson and practice
One--Step Equations 
Video Tutorial on One-Step Equations
Game - One-Step Equations 
Game - shooting hoops to solve one-step equations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; WARNING: negative numbers)
Game - One-Step Equations 
Have fun solving one-step equations with addition and subtraction when playing this fun soccer math game.
Modeling Equations 
Use a scale to model one-step and two-step equations.
Solving Two-Step Equations 
Has a link to a lesson if you need a refresher and gives you the opportunity to practice problems.
Modeling Addition & Subtraction Equations 
Modeling Multiplication Equations 
Match words with the equation. 
Video Tutorial on Multi-Step Equations 
Solving One-Step Equations Using Addition or Subtraction 
Tutorial video on how to solve one-step equations using either addition or subtraction. (Math Motor)
Solving One-Step Equations Using Multiplication or Division 
Video tutorial on how to solve one-step equations using either multiplication or division. (Math Motor)
Solving Multi-Step Equations 
Tutorial on solving multi-step equations. (Math Motor)
Writing numerical inequalities 
Khan Academy
Khan Academy Tutorial on Combining Like Terms to Simplify an Expression 
What's an Inequality? 
Tutorial on the definition of an inequality and the symbols associated with inequalities.
How do you Graph an Inequality on a Number Line? 
Tutorial on graphing inequalities on a number line.
How Do You Write an Inequality from a Number Line? 
Tutorial on writing an inequality based on a number line.